What Makes a Medical Spa Different from a Day Spa?

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When you need a day to relax, have some pampering or feel comfortable, where would you go? Spas have been around for ages to help rejuvenate and pamper those who want to attend. However, a new type of spa has been gaining traction lately that has people asking the question, “What is a medical spa? And how does it differ from a day spa?” Let’s explore some of these differences.

When you come to a medical spa

At a medical spa, you are under the care of a licensed professional and can therefore have medical procedures done in a more comfortable spa environment. Medical spas have doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners and licensed estheticians on staff, although what number and variety of these types of individuals will vary from medical spa to medical spa.

When you are at a medical spa, you can have procedures performed that you couldn’t at a day spa without medical assistance. Things like Botox treatments, spider-vein removal, laser hair removal, some lip treatments, and other services as well. When you come to a medical spa, you get great treatments and products that help you to feel more confident and comfortable in your appearance while also getting a relaxing environment that you can’t get in a doctor’s office.

Here at Pure Reflection Spa, we are here to ensure that you are happy with your procedures. We know that you’ll enjoy the environment and the experience of our qualified staff that includes a practiced OBGYN. If you have questions about any of our procedures, please contact us today.