How Anti-Aging Skin Care Can Help You

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As we age, it is natural to begin to see lines and wrinkles or spots on our faces where things used to be tight and clear. Though you can’t slow down time, with the right skincare regimen, you can slow down the impact it has on your face. At Pure Reflection Spa, we offer high quality anti-aging skin care products that can help you look just as young as you feel, or younger. We offer our clients top-of-the-line brands such as bare Minerals, Obagi Medical, and Aveda.

the right anti-aging skin care products

What can the right anti-aging skin care products do for you?

  • A gentle-cleanser: Using a high-quality gentle cleanser will keep your skin resistant to dehydration and damage and allow other skin products to work more effectively. Hasher cleansers can leave your skin dry and irritated.
  • Exfoliants: As you age, your skin cells aren’t replaced as quickly, which can leave your skin looking dull. A good exfoliant will remove dead cells, promoting a natural, beautiful glow.
  • Serums: Most serums contain several active ingredients such as vitamin A and vitamin C. A good serum will act as an antioxidant that fights aging and increases collagen that promotes glowing, vibrant skin.
  • Moisturizers: Our skin feels drier as we age because it makes less sebum, a naturally produced oil. To combat this dryness, you want to use a lightweight moisturizer that won’t block your pores.

At Pure Reflection Spa, our aestheticians can help you select the best anti-aging skin care products to preserve and restore your natural beauty. As a full-service medical spa, we also offer a variety of treatments that can boost your confidence and leave you looking your best.