Experience Greater Tranquility with Hot Stone Massage Services

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Experience Greater Tranquility with Hot Stone Massage Services
When your life is full of stress and your muscles are stiff and sore, a massage sounds like the perfect cure. In general, massage has been proven to be effective in reducing stress, pain and muscle tension. There is also some evidence that it can assist in relieving other conditions, such as anxiety, headaches and myofascial pain—to name a few. Although there are many different massage options available, one of the most popular is hot stone massage services.

Hot stone massage is unique in that it uses the heat from the stones to penetrate deeper into the muscle tissues–thus allowing better pain relief. The heat also allows your muscles to relax better, which makes your massage more beneficial. In general, river stones are used for hot stone massage services. The stones are heated and retain the heat due to the high amount of iron they contain. During hot stone massage services, the stones are placed on trigger points in your body prior to the massage. This allows the heat to penetrate and causes better circulation, which in turn leads to more energy and greater relief of aches and pains. The final benefit of hot stone massage services is the relaxation that comes along with the massage. This will result in a feeling of greater tranquility and can aid in the reduction of anxiety and depression.

While hot stone massage services are a popular choice, there are certain things to be aware of. First of all, hot stone massage is not recommended for pregnant women or for those with high blood pressure. Secondly, if you feel that the stones are too hot, be sure to tell us right away, so we can remedy the situation.

At Pure Reflection Spa, we are pleased to offer hot stone massage services as a way to assist you in obtaining greater peace and tranquility in your life. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!