Enrich Your Relationship with a Couple Massage

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Looking for a way to fire up your romance?  A couple’s massage is just the thing to fan the flames. You and your partner can spend an hour of bliss relaxing and letting go of the stresses from everyday life.  A candlelit room with soft music playing in the background sets the tone for your couple’s massage.

After experiencing this time together, couples have found that they are happier with each other, less likely to argue or become annoyed, and have an increased desire to be with each other physically. So if you are searching for a great activity for that upcoming special occasion, need a plan for an upcoming date night, or even if you just want to get away for a few hours with your other half, book a couple’s massage today.

Choose from any of our great massage options:

Swedish: Relaxes muscles and improves circulation, helping to alleviate stress and tension.

Deep Tissue: Relieve chronic tension by stretching tissue deep beneath the surface.

Hot Stone: Warm, smooth stones are placed on key pressure points to help relax muscles.

Pure Indulgence: An hour long Swedish massage with the added perks of paraffin hand and foot treatments, as well as a body exfoliation.