Helpful Advice for Preparing for Your Wedding Makeup

perfect wedding makeup

You’ve planned the flowers and the cake, booked a facility and invited your guests. All the plans are coming together, and now it’s time to focus on you. At Pure Reflection MedSpa, we want to help you by providing you with the perfect wedding makeup. Here are some helpful ideas to consider before you come in for your appointment:

  • Consider the colors- You’ve picked all your wedding colors, but what about your wedding makeup colors? You want to complement the look you’ve created at your wedding, but not blend in and match too closely. Consider the color of your dress and how it impacts your skin tone. For example, if your dress is pure white and you have fair skin, you may want your wedding makeup to add some color.
  • Follow the dress code-If you’re having a black-tie formal affair, you may want to go with a more dramatic look. If you’re doing a simple ceremony on the beach, you might opt for a subtle look with more neutral colors that highlight your natural beauty.
  • Stay true to you-You want to look your best, but still like yourself. A new bold look is great if you typically wear a lot of makeup and are used to trying new looks but may leave you feeling uncomfortable if you typically wear little to no makeup.
  • Practice makes perfect- Consider coming in for a trial appointment. You can get to know your makeup artist and work through decisions together to find a look you’ll love. There are also many apps available where you can “try on” different looks with an uploaded photo.

Let us be a part of your big day. Call us at Pure Reflection MedSpa today.