Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup leads to ease and convenience!

What does your morning routine usually look like? If you are short on time but not lacking for style, you likely need to skip steps or leave the house not feeling your best. Here at Pure Reflection MedSpa, we are always looking for ways to help individuals look and feel their genuine best, and one of the ways that we can help you is with the application of permanent makeup. Permanent makeup is a great option for busy people who would like to streamline parts of their day and never worry about the time it takes to apply their makeup. With plenty of permanent makeup options available to you at our medical spa, you can enjoy the freedom and convenience that comes with permanent makeup.

We have a variety of permanent makeup options that are applied by experienced professionals available to you. Because our professionals are highly skilled, trained and educated in the application of different forms of permanent makeup, you can feel comfortable knowing that your application will be done in a safe, clean environment with results that will speak for themselves. We offer permanent makeup for different parts of your face, including eyes, lips and eyebrows, to ensure that you can always have the appearance you are looking for.

Some people hesitate with permanent makeup, fearing that permanent makeup is done heavily or in colors that might not be flattering as time goes by. Never fear! When we complete permanent makeup, we do so in a way that wears beautifully and only enhances your natural beauty. With permanent makeup, we stick to colors that look natural to your skin tones, giving you an enhancement of your natural look. With permanent makeup, you can layer on bolder and more dramatic colors with washable makeup. Instead of a full face, you can enjoy consistent elements to your makeup routine, knowing that the basics will always be there with permanent makeup.

While there are some risks to permanent makeup, when the application is done by professionals, they are very minimal. The site of the makeup needs to be clean as does the application tools. With our team of professionals, you can always feel confident knowing that our tools and applicators are clean, sterile and high quality. We use quality pigments and apply the pigments in a gradual fashion, so you won’t end up with a harsh look you dislike. With our subtle application and clean, fastidious methods, you will love the results of your permanent makeup.

Our team is anxious to get started helping you feel more confident. If you have been wondering if permanent makeup is the solution to streamlining your busy morning routines, we can help. We work with busy people, people who enjoy swimming, those who have trouble with cosmetics and those who are looking to minimize the appearance of certain features while maximizing others. If you have questions about our permanent makeup or the application process, give us a call today or book an appointment online.