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Come in for a massage to experience complete relaxation!

Are you ready to indulge in complete relaxation? Visit us at Pure Reflection Spa for massage services that can help you relax, unwind, and feel your best. Some of the massage services we offer to our Hickory, North Carolina client base include the following:

Massage Services in Hickory, North Carolina

  • Swedish massage—This massage releases tension in the muscles due to pressure and strains. One of our most popular massages, a Swedish massage promotes circulation and reduces depression and anxiety.
  • Deep tissue massage—This type of massage focuses on the tissues beneath the surface of the skin. In addition to relaxation, a deep tissue massage can break up scar tissue and rehabilitate injured muscles.
  • Hot stone massage—When you come in for a hot stone massage, we place smooth, warm stones on key pressure points and then use them to massage the body.
  • Prenatal massage—If you are expecting a baby, a prenatal massage can reduce back pain and provide relief to swollen limbs.
  • Pure Indulgence massage—One of our signature massages, our Pure Indulgence massage comes with paraffin foot, back, and hand treatments. This massage is perfect for anyone who wants to take some time and truly pamper themselves!
  • Couple’s massage—Enjoy some special relaxation time with a close friend or your partner.

There’s never a wrong time to come in for a massage! Contact us at Pure Reflection Spa today to schedule your next massage appointment or to find out more about any of our massage services.