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Our IPL laser can be used for a variety of treatments on your hands, neck, legs and back.

If you are interested in cosmetic services, you have probably heard of IPL laser treatments, but you may not know what they actually are. IPL laser stands for “intense pulsed light.” Technically, an IPL laser isn’t a laser at all, but is a strong, regular light that is filtered to provide only the right wavelengths for a specific course of treatment. Here at Pure Reflections Spa, IPL laser treatments are one of our newest cosmetic services, and we are able to provide this service using our Cynosure Elite MPX Laser, which can handle all sorts of cosmetic services, including vein removal, hair removal, pigmentation treatment, and reduction of redness and wrinkles.

IPL Laster in Hickory, North Carolina

The Cynosure Elite MPX Laser also has integrated IPL technology for photofacials and other treatments. The prices for IPL laser treatment range from $125 for your hands to $600 for your full legs or full back. If you are interested in cosmetic services but aren’t sure that our IPL laser is the best treatment for your needs, come to one of our seminars or schedule a complimentary consultation. We can discuss your goals and treatment options and help you find the services that will best meet your unique needs.

When you come to us here at Pure Reflection Spa, you will experience the difference in our experience. We have been open since 1998, making us the oldest medically owned and supervised medical spa in Hickory, North Carolina. We look forward to helping you achieve balance in your mind, body and spirit.


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